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The revolution of the hotel business in one touch!

What does make us the better choice?

Opportunity to take advantage of an interactive menu always updated and highly technological with a great affective impact.

Show your dishes, drinks, wines and much more with high-definition images, with the opportunity to list ingredients and peculiarities of the product.

Clear view of the dishes, as they are prepared, with the chance to list calories, allergens, cooking and variations.

Pre-order or order directly from the table with the possibility to change the dishes trough a simple and intuitive system that creates a direct line between customer and bar / kitchen.

Gives the chance to the customers, always more careful, to check the price of everything they’re eating; this creates transparency, which is really appreciated.

Guest’s entertainment with newspapers, maps, touristic information, children’s entertainment with games, films and much more.

Benefints and strong points

Makes the sells easier

The better experience and the description of your own dishes makes the sells easier.

Increase of the orders

Increase of the orders thanks to the immediacy of the ordinations from the table.

Catchs customer base

Choosing new technologies creates an effect of mediatic redundancy, which chatches new customer base.

Saving on the staff

Saving on the staff on submitting part of the job to a tireless robot.

Monthly profit

Monthly profit for the owner through an unreleased advertising system.

Multi language

A complete multilanguage menu with translations.

A restaurant-pizzeria with the
T-ordino system

How does T-Ordino

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Our business is looking for new partners for the resale of our products all over the world.

We’re searching for reporters, that will provide our innovative products through a circuit of coupons.

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